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Health Insurance Plans from $0/month

Do you need health insurance? Purchasing health insurance has never been easier. Search the Tennessee Marketplace to see if you qualify for a $0/month healthcare plan that can include prescription drug coverage.

What happens if I don't get health insurance?

Legally, there is no consequence for not having health insurance. But, you are putting yourself at financial risk. Without insurance, you are responsible for the entire cost of healthcare services rendered. To put this in perspective, the average provider fee for a first-time standard visit to a U.S. doctor is around $170.00

That is $170.00 for a doctor to learn about your medical history, specific needs, and any concerns you may have. 

If the doctor believes that you need lab work done, without health insurance, can range from $108.00 to $1,139.00 or more depending on the combination of the test provided. This means on the low side of healthcare cost, you could be out of $278.00 without insurance.

Even if you have a low income, health insurance can be within reach by taking a few minutes to see if you qualify for a $0 premium. With Arnett Evans and Company, you will get quality service from a licensed broker that specializes in finding you healthcare options that are flexible and affordable to fit your current lifestyle. We can even customize policies for you to give you a well-rounded comprehensive health plan.

What is considered a customization?

Here for you when you need us

We don't stop working for you when you enroll in a health insurance product. We are there for you during times of change. Need to find a new doctor, move to another location, get married, or switch jobs we work with you to keep you covered.

Without health insurance can you afford to go to the doctor?

The media may have made insurance a bad word, but when you are figuring out life while trying to provide for your family, health insurance is there to keep you healthy, mobile, and financially stable. Health insurance helps you prepare for the what-ifs because with a life event happens your attention needs to be well-placed on your family, not on hospital bills. 

** Statistic pooled from various Google sources, to include Google AI services 

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